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PayPal, Owner of Venmo, (Abortion), Christian Values Compatibility Report #1

PayPal’s Abortion Support Even After Heartbeat Detected

According to Reuters, PayPal, owner of Venmo,[1] “offer abortion travel benefits to U.S. workers.”[2]

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CBS reports that, “PayPal made the decision to pay for employees to travel for abortions in necessary after the Texas Supreme Court upheld a law prohibiting abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, something that can happen within six weeks of pregnancy. “We communicated directly with Texas employees about our commitment to providing equitable health care benefits,” Kausik Rajgopal, EVP, chief human resources officer at PayPal, told employees in a May 9 memo seen by CBS MoneyWatch.”[3]

You must be aware that words which may seem to support a noble cause, like “equitable health care benefits,” in context actually means something to the effect of, “we will pay for our employees in states that restrict abortions for travel to states that allow the murder of preborn children so they can have the equal ability to murder their children as women in non-restricted states.”

UN Abortion Around the World with PayPal’s Support

Again, the Women’s Empowerment would seem to be a positive goal until you realize what it really means. PayPal, owner of Venmo, is a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles and the private sector lead for the U.N. Women’s Generation Equality Forum’s Economic Justice and Rights Action Coalition,”[4] which supports the removal of restrictive policies and legal barriers, ensuring 50 million more adolescent girls and women in all their diversity live in jurisdictions where they can access safe and legal abortion by 2026” and safe abortion and post-abortion care and services, without requiring third party consent.”[5]

Besides the fact that abortion is the premeditated murder of a helpless human, The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies adolescent as “the phase of life between childhood and adulthood, from ages 10 to 19.”[6] PayPal and the UN support the availability of abortion to girls as young as 10 without third party consent.

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