Bloomerang LinkedIn LGBTQ Supporting Abortion and LGBTQIA+ non-Christian Values Values are on full display throughout their own published content and that of those they support.

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Want to hear something disturbing but revealing about values? Start listening at 57:20 to their “5 Must-Do’s of Year-End Fundraising Success” Webinar. What was it that made Lori L. Jacobwith exclaim, “Wow. Powerful email that will be to receive.” 

As part of their Building Your Nonprofit’s Engagement Engine webinar, says, “This is an example of owned media. This is a campaign for an organization called the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice. They did an abortion advocacy campaign called Yo Te Apoyo, that we worked with them on a few years ago. And that included a call to action where people could go to the website and talk about why they supported their loved ones who were considering having an abortion and people could take action to engage there by posting something. Posting a reason, which would then be populated on this website.”

Bloomerang: “Helping LGBTQIA+ Organizations Move Their Mission Forward”

“Bloomerang understands the unique fundraising challenges of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual or Ally, Pansexual (LGBTQIA+) organizations.”

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Bloomerang helps Whole Woman’s Health. Whole Woman’s Health, is “an independent abortion provider & defender of rights known for compassionate care in our 6 clinics in 5 states (& pills by in IL, MD, MN, NM & VA)” 

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Bloomerang Pride Month

“In honor of #PrideMonth2023, we wanted to highlight how Affirmations Community Center uses Bloomerang Volunteer to simplify the process of screening, recruiting, and communicating with their #volunteers”

Bloomerang LinkedIn LGBTQ

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Pro Life Payments is the for-profit arm of the pro-life movement. Pro-Life Payments is reducing abortion in America by turning customer financial transactions into pro-life funding. We give 15% of gross revenue to Pro-Life organizations. Payments is transitioning donation platforms, credit card processing and peer to peer payments into a funding engine for the pro-life community. Pro-Life Payments is providing customers with the alternative to the abortion-supporting financial institutions and payment processors they are supporting today.