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Donated: $15,496

Babies Saved: 22

How many babies can you save per year?

CC Volume: $100,000
ACH Volume: $0


Make your merchant account matter.

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Christian Payment Processing

Do you share the same values as your merchant service provider?


We offer Christian credit card processing services and banking solutions tailored for faith-based communities including Pro-Lifers, Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, Muslims, and individuals who support life. Our unique approach involves dedicating 15% of our first fruits to support organizations committed to protecting the unborn, thereby promoting the common good. Choose our services to ensure your financial transactions align with your values and contribute to a cause you believe in.... Giving away 15% might seem like a lot, but rest assured, we have the receipts to show it's a pledge we honor! Drawing inspiration from Exodus 23:19 – “You shall bring the choice first fruits of your soil into the house of the Lord your God” – we are committed to giving back generously and fostering a community grounded in faith and positive action.

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Looking for an alternative to PayPal, Stripe or Square?

A simple 10 minute online application could save a baby's life.

Hey there, PayPal, Stripe, and Square users! Feeling like it's time for a breath of fresh air in the payment processing world? Well, you're in luck!

Step into 2024 with Pro-Life Payments, your new best friend in the financial sphere and your go-to Christian credit card processor. Inspired by the words from Jeremiah 1:5 – "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart" – we're here with a heart full of compassion and a mission to shake things up in the 'big tech' world.

Why stick with the same old when you can have all the ease and competitive rates you're used to, plus a little extra sprinkle of joy knowing you're supporting a great cause? Yep, we're all about giving you Pro-Lifers that warm, fuzzy feeling every time you make a transaction.

So, come on over to Pro-Life Payments, where we've got all the good stuff – a seamless payment experience, fantastic rates, and a community that cares. It's more than just a service; it's a movement. It's about making a difference, one payment at a time.

Join our mission to save babies by helping distressed mothers, be part of something bigger, and let's start this exciting journey together. Welcome to the 'good fight' – it's going to be awesome!

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Faith-based cc processing. Are you a for-profit or non-profit?

Pro-Life "For-Profits"

If you are a for-profit organization, we invite you to join us in this noble cause. By partnering with us, you will make a significant impact on saving lives and empowering mothers. Click here to get started.

Pro-Life "Non-Profits"

If you are a non-profit organization, we offer you a comprehensive guide on how to get started on your pro-life journey. Click here to get started

Activate your agency today and join our Pro-Life mission!

What we offer...

Omni-Channel Payments
Bluetooth Card Readers
Retail & Restaurants
Giving & Tithing Tools
Donation Management Software
Purchase or Rent POS Equipment
"Month to Month"/No Contracts
Next Day Funding
Recurring Billing, Invoicing & Vendor Pay
Card & Banking Services
PCI Compliant: 100K Breach Coverage

Need to present Pro-Life Payments to your board?

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Need Hardware? We got you...

With 22 POS partner companies to pick from and dozens of credit card terminals, you can rest assured we can meet your needs. Whether you require a basic terminal or a full-blown, Point of Sale system, it’s always best to have a quick call to or a virtual meeting so we can better understand your needs. Please book below...

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Perks Perks Perks

We don’t approve everyone unfortunately, but when we do, they get perks.


It’s 2024, who does contracts?

We offer “Month to Month” deals without crazy early termination fees.


Didn't abide by the "learn to code" mandate?

That's okay. We love our non-conformists. We can connect to your website without coding.


I want more logins, said no one ever.

We offer one login for multiple styles of payments. Go ahead and “Toggle baby Toggle”.


I need my money now!

Whoa, whoa, whoa dude/dudette, we can process and deposit your money next day or even same day.


Want to strangle the jerk that lied & put you in a lease?

We will never lease equipment, for real, for real.


No semi-witty joke on this one.

We pray for the prosperity of our clients, when you succeed, we succeed and babies win in the process. 3 John 1:2

Looking for an alternative to PayPal, Stripe or Square?

Yes, we can… Our pricing, funding times, support, and technology are right in line with everyone else’s if not better. But that’s not what sets us apart, what sets us apart is our purpose. We have a goal to save the pre-born, so we give away 15% of our top-line first fruits to organizations that share our vision and require financial support.

By simply switching over your credit card processing and joining forces with Pro-Life Payments you can give life (quite literally) to those dead processing dollars that are currently enriching people who likely support everything you don’t.

Unfortunately, these pesky processing fees aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so we might as well work together to make the most out of them.

While we may have receding hairlines, we don’t always wake up at 4:30 and hit the gym as we intended and we might not be perfect Christians. You can rest assured that we are definitely not fake news! lol

We are happy to show the receipts for our quarterly donations. They may not be much today, but that’s only because you and all your business owner friends haven’t started using our platform yet. So, let’s get to work and save some babies!

Christian Banking App
Coming soon!



Stephanie Perry

"Linving in Freedom Experience"

" I’m so grateful to have found Prolife Payments when we did. We were already in the market for a new payment processor for both both of our businesses,... and they were VERY easy to work with during the application and set up phases. As a business owner, I can rest assured that all my transactions align with my values and have an impact in the efforts to support life. "

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Chris Stutts

Farm Service Solutions

" Looking for a biblically responsible credit card processor is what led me to Pro Life Payments. Being my first time to accept credit cards I had lots of... questions. Jared was very patient and knowledgeable guiding me through the whole process. If any issues arises Pro Life Payments is easily accessible and quick to offer a solution. I feel good knowing that I have a company behind me that shares my conviction and is so good to work with. I have had nothing but a good experience and would 100 percent chose Pro Life Payments again! "

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Liz Epright


" As a Christian ministry, we are always searching for like-minded organizations to partner with. While doing research for a new credit card processor... that would match our existing fee structure, we came across ProLife Payments and were thrilled to find a company that matches our business and faith values. Jared was patient and very responsive as we navigated the many questions I had in order to accommodate our new and established donors. I would highly recommend ProLife Payments! "

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James Egidio


" We switched payment processors over to ProLifePayments in the Fall of 2021 and the transition was very smooth and seamless in a very timely... manner and besides, we like the fact that it is a company that believes in the sanctity of life and operates on biblical principles! Thanks Jared!! "

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Joseph Kirchhoff

Knights of Columbus

" It is a shame that in a country founded on Christian principles, that Christians have to (many times) support the foes of our Faith when... they choose financial services. Nearly every financial service seems to support a Culture of Death - and the bigger the institution, the more agnostic they seem to be. Thank you, Lord, for bringing Pro-Life Payments to my attention. Help me to spread the word about this wonderful opportunity. This allows me to provide the means to fight for you in this great Battle For Life. "

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Jeffrey Adam

CEO Nature's Miracle Silver Lining, Ltd.

"Good morning Jared, I wanted to send you this letter of excellence service and product for you to share with your staff and new clients.... After being deplatformed by Stripe, Simple Swipe and Square processors I contacted Jared with Prolife, I searched out to find a company who's ethics were in alignment with my company. We were a newer start-up company that expresses our Conservative Christian views and were kicked off of the other processors after we marketed thru some Conservative Christian expos. After we appeared at these events, we received notices that we were no longer allowed to process credit cards thru those companies, every one of these companies held our money for up to 6 months. We still had Paypal as a processor but we had about a 30% order cancellation when customers tried to check out thru Paypal. Our customers made it very clear, they did not like Paypal. After talking to Jared we signed up with Prolife and have been extremely satisfied with the results. Jared is always just a phone call away if we need anything, he calls from time to time to see if we need anything and help to tell customers about our products. One pleasant surprise was Jared was able to get us qualified to process almost 5 times more transactions per month (dollar wise) then the other companies.I highly recommend Jared and Prolife payments for your companies processing needs. "

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