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You handle your business, we’ll handle your card acceptance and the Babies win. It’s that simple… Processing Payments on Purpose

Welcome to Pro-Life Payments

Save a life by switching to Pro-Life Payments where 15% of our revenue goes toward ending abortion.

  • Rate match promise
  • Free point-of-sale equipment and/or credit card terminal
  • Month-to-month agreements
  • Up to $295 to buy you out of your existing contract
  • Next-Day or Same Day Funding

If you are looking for the best option in merchant credit card processing then Pro-Life Payments is the company for you. Pro-Life Payments is a Christian credit card processing company and your direct link to the most affordable payment solutions available today. We offer credit card processing for retail stores, mobile credit card processing for any device (IOS or Android, tablet or smartphone), as well as online credit card processing for web-based e-commerce transactions.

We’re on a mission and the mission is TO STOP ABORTION!

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Pro-Life Payments actively works to save the innocent lives of unborn babies. We donate 15% of our gross income to pro-life causes. We are a Christian company with conservative values. When you transact business with us, you also support life.

Our state-of-the-art Christian credit card processing company provides the newest and latest products on the market; offering zero-fee credit card processing, flat-rate credit card processing, mobile credit card processing, online credit card processing, and traditional retail credit card processing. Customers trust our conservative credit card processing company because we share their PRO-LIFE VALUES and offer the most reliable faith-based payment solutions available.

Our Christian credit card processing company does everything you’d expect a credit card company to do—and more. As part of our conservative payment solutions, we donate 15% of our gross income to pro-life organizations and organizations who are opposed to abortion. Do you have a conservative credit card processing company that does that?

Pro-Life Payments is more than your average credit card processing company; we are a faith-based payments provider, and we pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and superior products. In addition to services such as credit card processing, we offer merchant cash advance funding, fraud protection and chargeback prevention ensuring our customers the highest level of success, security, and rates. We offer a $300 migration bonus and free POS equipment.

When a customer uses their ATM/debit card, credit card, or gift card, the probability that transactions are instant and secure depends on the payment solutions provider you have set in place, so we at Pro-Life Payments have setup systems and safeguards across all facets of your payment solutions to provide the most innovative solutions to your payment needs, processing needs, and chargeback and fraud protection. As conservative payment providers, we’re devoted to providing the Christian payment solutions our customers need.

Christian Banking & Loan Solutions

Pro-Life Payments has partnered with Christian Community Credit Union, a faith-based financial institution whose purpose is to serve Christ-followers to live and give more abundantly. Check out credit/debit cards that support Christian causes. Plus, get better rates and lower fees on checking, savings, home and auto loans. Learn more.

Pro-Life Payments, a Christian payment solutions vendor, provides you with fast and secure payment solutions with low rates, we are PCI compliant and can effectively give you all the tools you need to maximize the day-to-day credit card processing needed for your business. We have been providing merchants with business solutions for well over a decade and can guarantee that our experience in providing merchant services will give you the leverage you need to help your company thrive. Pro-Life Payments features conservative payment solutions and offers affordable rates and fees that will help you save thousands in the long run which will allow you to nurture your business and expand in your operations.

Choose Pro-Life Payments as your faith-based payments provider. When you spend, you still give. Explore our website as well as all of our conservative payment solutions. Contact our Christian credit card processing company with your questions or concerns.

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