Homosexual Pride is big over at the Bonterra, a woke donor management company.

Bonterra Woke Values

Bonterra Values Include Promoting Abortions and Celebrating Homosexuality

We all gravitate towards doing good. Bonterra says they, “make software for the greatest social good.”[1] Naturally, we would assume that Bonterra’s definition of doing good is the same as ours. But is it?

Through their customers, they are supporting the evil of abortion in real ways. As a company, they celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism. There should be no illusion that Bonterra is a company that uses Christian values in its business decisions. In fact, I believe quite the opposite is true. In their company representations and throughout their customer base, there is a significant stain of progressivism that is driving people away from what God considers right. Considering the business of Bonterra is helping companies raise funds to support their causes, Bonterra is an accomplice of the businesses they support. How many abortions would Bonterra be held responsible for if a court were to investigate its role in supporting its customers?

Make no mistake, Bonterra is committed to supporting abortion and celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism. They consider that good. Do you?

Supporting the Center for Reproductive Rights through their client and DIRECT. “Abortion is Healthcare.”

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Supporting their customer Fenton Communications, “Abortion is Healthcare.”

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Supporting the Latina Institute for Reproductive Rights through their customer Fireside Campaigns. “Abortion is Freedom”

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LGBTQ+ examples of what Bonterra considers good.

“It’s important to recognize and celebrate Pride.”


“Organizations building a better world for the LGBTQ+ community need strategies that work 365 days a year.”

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“Love is love and should be respected, supported and celebrated.”


“The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community.”


“A time to celebrate and reflect on the hard won victories and the fight still ahead for the LGBTQ+ community.”


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Holidays, not Christmas. Do good, but not Jesus.

Bonterra’s 2023 Holiday video posted on LinkedIn may give you the best example of what they mean by good, or at least what they don’t mean. The short video ends with their tagline, “for the greatest good.” However, the holiday video is just that – a holiday video. It is an example of much of Bonterra’s persona, which seems like, “I love you so much, but I don’t want to hug you because that’s too much of a commitment.” Bonterra chose to ignore the purpose of the season; the celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus, who is the greatest good, who did the greatest good by sacrificing his life for each of us. I don’t believe Bonterra’s definition of good aligns with the Christian definition of good.

In another example of lavish wordy nothingness, Bonterra explains their values of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging here.[13] I’m not sure what their commitments are, but they sound like I should like them.

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