Unlocking Divine Solutions: Pro-Life Payments – Your Trusted Christian Credit Card Processing Company


Pro-Life Payments

Welcome to Pro-Life Payments, a Christian credit card processing company on a mission to save babies and support pro-life organizations. Launched in early 2021, our commitment to Christian values drives us to unlock divine solutions in payment processing. With your support and the support of like-minded people, we aim to make a difference in the pro-life community.

Why Choose Pro-Life Payments as Your Trusted Christian Credit Card Processing Company

Aligning with a company that shares your values is essential, especially when it comes to the sensitive topic of pro-life causes. By choosing Pro-Life Payments as your Christian credit card processing company, you’re not only supporting a business that shares your beliefs but also contributing to the financial support of pro-life ministries and strengthening the pro-life community.

Pro-Life Payments is dedicated to providing divine solutions for payment processing while maintaining transparency and accountability. This means you can trust that your support for our company directly benefits pro-life organizations and their life-saving missions.

The Power of Giving Back: 15% of Revenue Donated to Pro-Life Ministries

At Pro-Life Payments, we believe in the power of giving back. That’s why we donate 15% of our revenue to pro-life ministries. This significant contribution demonstrates our unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of unborn babies and their families.

These donations help save babies by funding vital resources such as counseling services, medical care, and maternity homes for pregnant women in need. They also support pro-life organizations in their educational and advocacy efforts, raising awareness about the sanctity of life and promoting alternatives to abortion. By partnering with Pro-Life Payments, you’re directly contributing to these life-affirming efforts and helping us make a lasting impact.


Pro-Life Prosper: Saving Babies by Serving Non-Profits

We’re excited to introduce Pro-Life Prosper, a donation platform specifically designed for 501c3 organizations. This platform provides easy and secure donation processing, allowing pro-life organizations to focus on their mission while receiving the financial support they need.

By using Pro-Life Prosper, 501c3 organizations can experience increased support for their pro-life ministries, as donors appreciate the convenience and security of the platform. We encourage pro-life organizations to utilize Pro-Life Prosper to streamline their donation process and maximize their impact in the fight for life.

Payment Solutions for Traditional ‘For Profit’ Businesses

Pro-Life Payments offers a range of payment processing solutions for traditional businesses. By choosing us as your Christian credit card processing company, you’re not only supporting a company with shared values but also contributing to pro-life causes through everyday transactions.

The benefits of aligning your business with a Christian credit card processing company like Pro-Life Payments extend beyond the financial aspect. You’re also making a statement about the values and principles that guide your business decisions. We encourage businesses to consider Pro-Life Payments for their payment processing needs, as it’s a choice that has a profound impact on the lives of the unborn and their families.

Supporting Pro-Life Payments: How You Can Help

As a newly launched company, Pro-Life Payments relies on the support of individuals like you to spread the word about our mission and services. Word-of-mouth marketing is crucial for our growth, and your advocacy can make a significant difference.

Here are some actionable steps you can take to support Pro-Life Payments:

  • Switch to Pro-Life Payments for your payment processing needs, whether you’re a nonprofit organization or a traditional business.
  • Recommend Pro-Life Payments to friends, family, and businesses who share your values and could benefit from our services.
  • Follow and engage with us on social media to stay updated on our latest news and initiatives, and share our content with your network.

Together, we can unlock divine solutions in payment processing and make a lasting impact in the pro-life community.


In this blog post, we’ve explored the mission and commitment of Pro-Life Payments to saving babies and supporting pro-life organizations. We’ve also discussed the benefits of partnering with a Christian credit card processing company for both nonprofits and traditional businesses, and how your support directly contributes to life-saving efforts.

Join us in unlocking divine solutions for payment processing by choosing Pro-Life Payments as your trusted partner. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the pro-life community and support the sanctity of life.