How to Maximize Donations with Pro-Life Friendly Payment Solutions


Donation platforms play a crucial role in supporting non-profit organizations, but finding pro-life-friendly payment solutions can be challenging for faith-based groups. Pro-Life Prosper emerges as a refreshing Christian alternative to mainstream donation platforms, offering a free, secure, and transparent solution designed to cater to organizations that share their pro-life values and mission.

Pro-Life Prosper: The faith-based, free donation platform for non-profit organizations

Pro-Life Prosper, launched in 2023, identified a gap in the market for faith-based organizations seeking pro-life-friendly payment solutions. With their slogan “Saving babies by serving non-profits,” the platform aims to provide a comprehensive and secure option for organizations that align with their values and mission.

DonationsKey features of Pro-Life Prosper include customizable campaigns, or “causes,” that allow organizations to tailor their fundraising efforts. The platform also offers donation analytics, customized donation forms, and real-time payment tracking to monitor and optimize their campaigns. Furthermore, Pro-Life Prosper enables donor-paid fees, ensuring that 100% of donations go directly to the cause.

In terms of security and compliance, Pro-Life Prosper uses a secure, PCI-compliant payment facilitator to protect both donors’ and organizations’ data. This commitment to safety and transparency makes the platform a reliable choice for faith-based organizations looking for pro-life-friendly payment solutions.

The true cost of ‘free’: How Pro-Life Prosper offers transparent pricing with zero fees

Pro-Life Prosper sets itself apart by providing a truly free platform with no hidden fees. Unlike other donation platforms that often surprise users with unexpected costs, Pro-Life Prosper takes pride in its transparent pricing. The platform does not charge fees such as platform fees, compliance fees, card brand fees, application fees, processing/transaction fees, equipment fees, flat fees, membership/subscription fees, merchant account fees, gateway fees, maintenance fees, minimum fees, or annual or monthly fees.  The only thing we charge is a transaction fee of 3.99%.

Additionally, Pro-Life Prosper allows organizations to pass the transaction fee to donors, ensuring that every penny of the donation goes directly to the cause. These transaction fees are tax-deductible for donors, adding another layer of benefit. In fact, 95% of donors typically choose to cover the transaction fee, reflecting the generosity and commitment of donors who support faith-based organizations using Pro-Life Prosper.

Making Donations Easy with Pro-Life Prosper’s Streamlined Online Donation Process

Pro-Life Prosper is committed to providing a hassle-free donor experience by making the donation process straightforward and simple. Donors can effortlessly support their chosen cause by clicking the donate button and inputting their payment details. Pro-Life Prosper takes care of everything else, managing all aspects of the transaction and ensuring a smooth experience for both donors and organizations.

Understanding that 75% of donors prefer to pay with debit or credit cards, Pro-Life Prosper offers a Christian donor management credit card processing platform that meets the needs of its diverse donor base and assists organizations in maximizing their fundraising potential. Many ministries, churches, or 501c3s still rely on PayPal or traditional cash and checks, but Pro-Life Prosper provides a better alternative.

Catering to a variety of Non-Profit Organizations

Pro-Life Prosper has been designed to accommodate a wide range of non-profit organizations, such as churches, ministries, children’s charities, parishes, and more.

By providing a faith-based, pro-life-friendly payment solution, Pro-Life Prosper allows organizations to align their fundraising activities with their core values. This alignment not only enhances the relationship between organizations and their donors but also enables organizations to achieve their fundraising goals more quickly, ultimately benefiting the communities they support. Pro-Life Payments coined this concept as “front-to-back alignment.”


In summary, Pro-Life Prosper provides a Christian/faith-based, free donation platform with a wide range of features, transparent pricing, and a user-friendly experience for both donors and organizations. By choosing Pro-Life Prosper, faith-based organizations can align their fundraising efforts with their values and support the pro-life movement.

We encourage faith-based organizations to switch to pro-life-friendly payment solutions like Pro-Life Prosper. By doing so, they can foster a stronger connection with their donors and make a positive impact on the communities they serve. To learn more about the benefits of Pro-Life Prosper and how it can help your organization, visit