Kristin Turner Pro Life

Pro-Life Atheist to Convert to Catholicism

June 26, 2023.
By Tina Dennelly/CAN
From the National Catholic Register.

When Life Finds a Way

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“After suffering abuse by a high school teacher and thinking she had become pregnant by that abuse, she researched abortion further. Kristin Turner was an outspoken supporter of abortion who didn’t believe in God. She even used to speak at events on the topic ‘Why abortion is good for society.'”

Life’s Meaning

Kristin Turner, a 21-year-old activist, was once an outspoken supporter of abortion and an atheist. However, she recently announced her intention to join the Catholic Church. Turner’s change of heart was influenced by “a lot of small things,” but her involvement in pro-life advocacy played a significant role. She started a pro-life group on her college campus and later founded her own nonprofit, Take Feminism Back. Turner’s journey from atheism and pro-abortion activism to embracing Catholicism and pro-life advocacy highlights the transformative power of personal experiences and the search for meaning in one’s life.


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