Pregnant Woman with Brain Cancer Refuses Abortion: A Miraculous Journey of Tasha Kann and Her Unborn Baby


In this blog, we delve into the incredible journey of Tasha Kann, a pregnant woman diagnosed with brain cancer who defied doctors’ advice to have an abortion. Tasha’s unwavering faith and determination to protect her unborn child resonates with Pro-Life Payments’ mission of supporting pro-life organizations through their Christian credit card processing services. Join us as we explore Tasha’s miraculous story and its impact on the pro-life movement

Tasha Kann’s Diagnosis and Doctors’ Recommendations

While 20 weeks pregnant, Tasha Kann was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive malignant brain tumor called anaplastic astrocytoma grade III. Faced with this life-threatening condition, her doctors advised her to have an abortion in order to start chemotherapy and radiation treatments immediately. However, Tasha’s unwavering faith and commitment to the life of her unborn child led her to refuse the abortion. Instead, she began researching alternative treatments that would allow her to fight her cancer while keeping her baby safe.

Tasha’s Faith and Fight for Life

Throughout her battle with cancer, Tasha’s faith played a pivotal role in her decision to protect her unborn child. Believing that abortion goes against God’s will, she relied on her trust in Jesus and His promises to guide her through this challenging time. Tasha’s perseverance led her to research alternative treatments, allowing her to prioritize the life of her baby while seeking ways to fight her cancer. This inspiring story of faith and dedication to life resonates with Pro-Life Payments’ mission of providing Christian merchant services that support pro-life organizations and businesses, further emphasizing the importance of standing up for life in all circumstances.The Birth of Baby Gracey and Tasha’s Continued Battle with Cancer

Defying the odds, Tasha gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Gracey. Despite doctors’ predictions, Tasha continues to fight her cancer with the unwavering support of her husband and community. Her journey highlights the power of faith, love, and determination in the face of adversity. Tasha’s husband, family, and friends have rallied around her, providing emotional and financial support through fundraising efforts. As Tasha continues her battle with cancer, her story serves as a testament to the strength and resilience of a mother’s love and the importance of standing up for life, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Alternative Treatments and Challenges

As part of her fight against cancer, Tasha chose alternative immunotherapy treatments instead of the recommended chemotherapy and radiation. This decision came with its own set of challenges, including the financial burden of non-FDA approved treatments. With the support of her community and various fundraising efforts, Tasha has been able to access these alternative therapies, highlighting the importance of a strong support network in times of crisis. Tasha’s story not only showcases her resilience but also underscores the power of community in helping individuals overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The Power of Faith, Hope, and Pro-Life Values

Tasha’s unwavering faith and trust in God have played a crucial role in her journey, inspiring others and making a profound impact on the pro-life movement. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience that come from faith, hope, and a commitment to life. This message aligns with Pro-Life Payments’ dedication to supporting pro-life organizations through their Christian merchant services and donation management software. By working together, businesses and individuals can make a significant difference in promoting pro-life values and providing essential support to those facing difficult decisions and challenges in their lives.


In conclusion, Tasha Kann’s miraculous journey highlights the incredible power of faith, hope, and unwavering commitment to pro-life values. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for life and supporting pro-life organizations. By providing Christian credit card processing and merchant services, businesses like Pro-Life Payments play a crucial role in promoting and sustaining these values. Let us all take inspiration from Tasha’s story and join in the mission of saving babies and supporting pro-life organizations through our actions and choices.