We at Pro-Life Payments intend on disrupting the merchant processing industry forever.  In this perpetual war of Credit Card Fees, only one party has repeatedly gotten shafted.

Do you want to guess who it is? 

It’s certainly not the consumer who enjoys frolicking about the World on his or her airline points, or the wealthy, house-wife aggregating new, Louis Vuitton, Totes by means of rewards points.  It is most assuredly not Visa or MasterCard, who dance and Crip-walk all the way to the bank, collecting in some cases upwards to 3% on an individual transaction!

No, no, no….

It’s your church that has potholes in the parking lot and a leak in the roof but decides to put their income towards digging wells in Africa. It’s the neighborhood baker trying to put his daughter through college, who wakes up at 4 am day after day, month after month, year after year, to prepare you and your neighborhood delectable, glutinous morsels.  It’s your photographer you hired to capture the priceless, nerve-wracking and often sweaty moments for your daughter’s wedding.  It’s the barber clawing to keep the lights on, the same barber your Dad took you to get your first haircut without Mom’s supervision.

No, no, no. . .

It’s not Visa, it’s not MasterCard, it’s not Wells Fargo or even the impartial consumer that gets discarded in this antiquated, transactional-chain of commerce.

It’s your neighbor, your Pastor, your Uncle, your Dr. -well, you get the point-.

Hey neighbor, DR.Uncle…! Hear our battle cry, we, at Pro-Life Payments choose you.  Merchants and small business owners are no longer obligated to pay Credit Card Fees, let the captives go.

How Credit Cards Affects You

Credit cards are one of the most used forms of financial transactions in the world. Credit card processing is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s not hard to see why. Credit cards offer convenience for both merchants and customers, as they provide an easy way to make purchases with just a swipe. Credit cards also give people peace of mind when making online purchases; there is no need to worry about having enough money in your account, or if you will be able to pay off your purchase at the end of the month. Credit card companies seem like they have everything going their way – but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Credit cards are something that most people have in their wallets. Credit cards can be a blessing or a curse for many people because they offer the ability to buy things without having to pay for them right away, but then you end up paying more interest on what you spend over time. Credit cards are often used as an excuse by those who are not wise with money and want some kind of instant gratification no matter how much it costs them down the road. When it comes to credit card companies, there’s really only one question worth asking: Who do these companies really benefit?

Why a Christian Credit Card Processing Company  is Better

Credit card processing can be a confusing topic. Christian credit card processors are one of the most misunderstood. Christian credit card processors offer many benefits that secular companies don’t, such as Christian themed designs and Christian customer service agents who will pray with you on the phone while they work to resolve your issue.

In this blog post, we’re going to cover some of the ways Christian credit card processing companies can help your business grow and prosper!

Pro-Life Payments is a Christian credit card processing company that specializes in online transactions. They have been working with Christian businesses for many years and they are the leading Christian payment gateway. Their mission is to help Christian companies grow their business by providing a safe, secure way for people to purchase products online.