Understanding How Christian Credit Card Processing Works

Whether you are a credit card user or a business owner interested in accepting Christian credit card payments, it is a good idea to understand how merchant bank credit card purchases are processed.

There are several parties involved in each credit card transaction:

The customer, or cardholder making the purchase

The issuing bank, or the company that issues Visa or MasterCard credit cards to customers

The merchant, or business accepting credit card payments

The sponsoring bank that handles the card transactions on behalf of the merchant

Several important steps take place within a matter of seconds that allow these credit card transactions to be so effective and convenient.

Step 1 – Authorization
Whether making an online or in-store credit card payment, when the card is swiped or the card numbers are entered, the card account information is sent instantaneously to the sponsoring bank for authorization. The sponsoring bank then sends the card number, expiration date, billing address, the card verification value (CVV), and the purchase amount to the issuing bank.
Step 2 – Verification
The issuing bank then checks to make sure all the information received matches the data it has on file for the cardholder. It also verifies that the cardholder has enough available credit to cover the purchase. Some card services will also check to make sure the requested purchase is not outside the cardholder’s usual spending habits, especially if the purchase is made outside of the country or if it is for something that the issuing bank classifies as at high risk for fraud.

If the purchase is approved, the purchase amount is subtracted from the cardholder’s available credit card limit.

Step 3 – Approval or Denial

The issuing bank responds to the sponsoring bank with either an approval or denial of the purchase. If denied, the cardholder is asked to use another form of payment. If approved, the cardholder is given a confirmation of payment. The issuing bank then transfers money to the sponsoring bank to pay the merchant. The sponsoring bank sets aside these funds in a “batch” with other authorized payments.

Step 4 – Final Payment

At the end of day, typically, the business owner will send a request to the sponsoring bank for payment of the day’s transactions. The bank then transfers the Net Settlement Amount, or the money transacted minus the bank’s handling fees, into the merchant’s own personal bank account.

These transactions operate amazingly well each day, allowing customers an easy way to finance their purchases. Merchant bank credit card accounts are a lightning fast way to conduct business while providing great convenience to cardholders and merchants alike.

Why Our Christian Credit Card Processing Company’s Benefits are Impressive

Christian credit card processing companies matter when you’re running a Christian-based business such as a church or ministry, your faith is important and it’s vital that you use Christian credit card processors. That’s why we created “Pro-Life Payments,” an affordable Christian company dedicated to providing excellent service for churches and ministries of all sizes. But what makes us so great? Read more below!

In Christian society, it is always a good thing to help those in need. This is why Christian credit card processing companies exist. They provide an important service for churches and organizations that want to make sure they are donating funds to the right causes. Christian Credit Card Processing Companies can help you feel confident about your online donations because there will be no surprises when the bill arrives each month!

Christian Credit Card Processing: Pro-Life Payments

If you are a Christian business owner, then it is time to reconsider the way that your company processes credit cards. Christian Credit Card Processing companies provide so many benefits for Christian businesses and we would like to highlight just a few of them here:

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Do you want to build a Christian business? Christian credit card processing companies are the answer! Christian businesses have many advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Christian credit card processing companies, like Pro-Life Payments, offer low rates and no hidden fees – so your customers can get their items for less money. This blog post is here to help you understand how christian credit card processing company can grow your Christian business!

A Christian credit card processing company is a great option for pro-life businesses. Christian processors are committed to the sanctity of life and operate in accordance with Christian values. This means that they do not offer cards or services to organizations or businesses that promote abortion, pornography, gambling, alcohol/tobacco use, euthanasia, etc. Christian credit card companies also help you earn cash back rewards by giving 1% of your total transactions back as cash!