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  • Rate match promise
  • Free point-of-sale equipment and/or credit card terminal
  • Month-to-month agreements
  • Up to $295 to buy you out of your existing contract
  • Next-Day or Same Day Funding

Flat Rate Credit Card Processing is now available for businesses. A leading Christian merchant processing companyPro-Life Payments is pleased to offer businesses an alternative to expensive credit card processing fees. Once only dreamed of, passing on these charges to customers is now a reality. U.S. Credit Card Processing companies can now charge a flat rate membership fee that gives merchants access to discounted credit card processing rates. With our Christian credit card processing solutions, you can save more money to reinvest in your business.

At Pro-Life Payments, we believe that even though the credit card processing industry is fluctuating dramatically, it is just in the beginning stages of how flat-rate credit card processing can save merchants thousands of dollars on their credit card processing fees.  Other Christian merchant processing companies are signing on to this trend, and businesses are clamoring for more.

Pro-Life Payments is aware that because of new laws and processing regulations, not every merchant in every industry can switch to flat-rate credit card processing. That’s why we invite you to consult with us about our Christian credit card processing solutions. Let us help you find the ideal solution for your company. We are a leading Christian merchant processing company that is committed to serving our customers with a wide range of benefits, including month-to-month agreements, free point of sale equipment, rate match promises, and more.

Flat rate credit card processing is the best way to cut down on business expenses if you run lots of credit card charges daily. The size of the flat-rate credit card processing charge is often overlooked, having a membership where you pay ZERO above interchange can save your business thousands of dollars each year. Flat rate credit card processing, frequently referred to as faith-based flat-rate credit card processing, is the most cost-effective way to save money on merchant credit card processing if you run multiple ticket items daily.

Our flat-rate credit card processing services are offered throughout the entire United States. If you’re interested in saving money, our Christian merchant processing company can help. Plus, we offer special incentives to our customers such as free point of sale equipment, a 15% revenue distribution strategy, and price match promises. Contact us to learn more about our $300 cash migration bonus too.

Our mission at Pro-Life Payments is to find the proper flat-rate credit card processing and Christian credit card processing solutions that are best for you in your particular situation.  If your industry calls for your company to be able to accept flat-rate credit card processing without any backlash from your clients, then we would HIGHLY recommend the flat-rate credit card processing solution.

Choosing Christian merchant processing companies like Pro-Life Payments can save your business thousands of dollars in credit card transaction fees. Plus, we are a conservative credit card company that cares about pro-life causes. We support them with a donation that represents 15% of our gross revenue. Get to know our Christian credit card processing services and contact us with your questions or to get started with our money-saving solutions.

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