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Save a life by switching to Pro-Life Payments where 15% of our gross revenue is designated to saving the lives of babies in the womb.

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Pro-Life Payments also actively works to save the lives of babies in the womb. We donate 15% of our gross income to pro-life causes. We are a Christian company with conservative values. When you transact business with us, you can also support the gift of life.

If you are looking for the best rate and options in credit card processing, Pro-Life Payments, a Christian merchant credit card processing company, is for you. Pro-Life Payments is your wholesale company to the most affordable, honest, and trustworthy payment solutions available today.  We offer Christian credit card processing, zero-fee credit card processing, flat-rate credit card processing, mobile credit card processing, online credit card processing, and traditional retail credit card processing.

U.S. credit card processing has been very competitive and the Christian merchant processing rates have always continued to grow and grow at a staggering pace with a very high percentage rate in addition to the industry standard interchange credit card rate. As a leading Christian merchant credit card processing company, Pro-Life Payments believes in trust, integrity, disclosure, and fairness and will always provide our customers with the best rates with the highest customer service available. Christian merchant credit card processing companies are working for merchant benefits, helping businesses save more money.

Even though this industry is fluctuating dramatically when it comes to Christian merchant processing, credit card processing can still help you get your payments fast and save you money in the transaction process. Christian Credit Card Processing can save you thousands of dollars on your credit card processing fees, which is why Christian merchant credit card processing companies like Pro-Life Payments are working for you to ensure that these rates remain.

U.S. flat rate credit card processing is the best way to save money if you have a large number of daily transactions, no-fee credit card processing is a huge saving if you have a type of business where clients are not going to feel the reverse fees and it ends up hurting your customer.  Credit card processing often referred to as faith-based credit card processing is the best way to get funded the next day with transactions from the night before.  Our credit card processing services are offered throughout the entire United States. Christian merchant processing saves you money that you can re-invest in your business to help you grow your business success.

We are determined here at Pro-Life Payments is to find the proper Christian Credit Card Processing that is best for your business. whatever your industry calls for your company will be able to accept credit card processing without having any backlash from your clients. Our Christian merchant credit card processing company is here to ensure that we get your funds to you as fast and as cheap as possible without compromising security. The best Christian merchant credit card processing companies put customers first, and that’s how we do business at Pro-Life Payments. Explore our website or contact us to learn more.

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