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Christian Zero fee credit card processing is now possible in the U.S. In recent years, when it came to credit card processing, merchants were unable to charge their customers the fees that were associated with credit card charges. If you were unable to charge zero fee credit card processing fees in a credit card processing set, then how were you going to be able to change a no-fee credit card processing fee using a shopping cart or better known as e-commerce? Pro-Life Payments, a faith-based credit card processing company, is changing all that with our no-fee Christian credit card processing.

Passing on the charge for credit card transactions to customers is now something that merchants can do thanks to many faith-based credit card processing companies like Pro-Life Payments.

We are a Christian merchant credit card processing firm that believes that even though this is just the beginning of a new no-fee trend, in the next few years no-fee credit card processing will be an everyday transaction and will be how the entire faith-based Credit Card Processing industry will operate. Pro-Life Payments understands how processing fees can amount to thousands of dollars for merchants. By being able to pass along those fees to its customers, your business can save more money with our faith-based credit card processing.

Faith-based credit card processing is designed to save merchants money. Conventional credit card processing fees, as a traditional small business expense, are often overlooked. But these fees can cost any type of business a lot of money each year depending on the number of charges processed. No fee credit card processing, often referred to as Christian zero fee credit card processing can allow small businesses to keep more money in their pockets. Faith-based credit card processing companies are changing the game for many companies throughout the United States.

Our goal at Pro-Life Payments is to find the proper credit card processing that will work optimally for each of our business customers. If your industry is able to accept faith-based no-fee credit card processing without having any concerns, we would suggest the zero fee credit card processing solution to you in order to save you thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees each year. As a leading faith-based credit card processing company, Pro-Life Payments understands our business customers’ needs. By cutting down your credit card fees, you can retain more money to reinvest in your company.

Our Mission

Pro-Life Payments also actively works to save the lives of babies in the womb. We donate 15% of our gross income to pro-life causes. We are a Christian company with conservative values. When you transact business with us, you can also support the gift of life.

Explore the Pro-Life Payments website or contact us to find out more about our special incentives like the free point of sale equipment, rate match promises, and our $300 cash migration bonus.

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