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Save a life by switching to Pro-Life Payments where 15% of our gross revenue is designated to saving the lives of babies in the womb.

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The United States flat-rate credit card processing is now here to stay. Throughout the country, there has always been a very high processing percentage rate in addition to the interchange credit card rate, but now a merchant can have a flat rate on top of the interchange “industry standard” prime rate. Faith-based merchant processing companies like Pro-Life Payments are resetting the standards with our innovative and business-friendly conservative merchant credit card processing solutions.

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Pro-Life Payments also actively works to save the lives of innocent babies in the womb. We donate 15% of our gross income to pro-life causes. We are a Christian company with conservative values. When you conduct business with us, you can also support the gift of life.

Additionally, remember that having a flat rate on the percentage that you charge to your customer for flat-rate credit card processing is an amazing product that we are able to offer merchants today. Our faith-based merchant processing company can now charge a flat-rate monthly fee that gives you “The Merchant” access to discounted flat-rate credit card processing rates. We at Pro-Life Payments have built our company in this industry because we believe in trust, integrity, disclosure, and fairness and offer the best product for our clients, not necessarily the best product that makes us the most money. But our success has grown with our client’s success. As a conservative merchant credit card processing company, it’s how we do business.

U.S. flat rate credit card processing is the best way to eliminate overspending on Christian Credit Card Processing. The amount of transactions that are accumulated online each day determines if faith-based flat-rate credit card processing is right for you. Oftentimes a wholesale discount credit card processing membership is referred to as flat-rate credit card processing is an extremely cost-effective way to save money on processing. Pro-Life Payments and other faith-based merchant processing companies have clamored for solutions like these for years—and now they’re here for merchants like you to enjoy.

The biggest concern for our faith-based merchant processing company is our clients and how we are able to help them in business. Pro-Life Payments has one goal in mind, and that is to find our customers the best Christian flat-rate credit card processing rates. If your daily transaction amount is high enough, then having a monthly membership makes the most fiscal sense. If this conservative merchant credit card processing solution is best for you, we will suggest the flat rate processing model.

Rely on Pro-Life Payments for our faith-based merchant credit card processing solutions. Be sure to get to know our incentives like our $300 cash migration bonus, free point of sale equipment, and rate match promise. Our conservative merchant credit card processing company does things a little differently, and we think you’ll like it!

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