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Save a life by switching to Pro-Life Payments where 15% of our gross revenue is designated to saving the lives of babies in the womb.

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Pro-Life Payments is a nationally known conservative merchant credit card processing company. We’re excited to report that shopping cart credit card processing is now easy and affordable. For decades, it has been very hard to stabilize online credit card processing. Online credit card processing has continued to flourish allowing the rates for your shopping cart to come down. We offer Faith-Based Credit Card Processing for online stores, shopping carts, and businesses that are e-based and that do business online exclusively. Pro-Life Payments supports a wide range of e-commerce platforms, and we can support you too.

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Pro-Life Payments also actively works to save the lives of babies in the womb. We donate 15% of our gross income to pro-life causes. We are a Christian company with conservative values. When you transact business with us, you can also support the gift of life.

The United States has always carried a very high processing percentage rate in addition to the interchange credit card rate. Now, thanks to conservative credit card processing companies like ours, a business owner can have a flat rate on top of the interchange “industry standard” prime rate or a zero fee credit card rate for qualified industries, or traditional processing with a low, low rate!  Having an online credit card processing fee that you charge to your customer for flat-rate credit card conservative merchant processing is an amazing product that we are able to offer you to the online merchant should your business be a qualifying business.

Online credit card processing with conservative merchant processing is the best way to eliminate overspending on faith-based credit card processing. The amount of transactions that are accumulated online each day determines if Christian credit card processing can work for you.  Often times a wholesale discount credit card processing membership is preferred and Pro-Life Payments, like conservative credit card processing companies, hopes to be the company that can save you money with your online processing needs.

Our biggest issue always is how fast you get your payments deposited into your account and how cheap are the rates. Pro-Life Payments has a plan in mind, and that is to ensure our merchants have the best Christian credit card processing rates possible. Conservative credit card processing companies like Pro-Life Payments are helping merchants save more money. Rely on our conservative merchant processing solutions to save money too. Contact Pro-Life Payments to learn more about our current incentives like our $300 cash migration bonus and month-to-month agreements.

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